Lonesome moon looks down

From the sky her sorrow weeps.

Trickster has stolen

Her wolverine from her side

In the midnight black he howls


Silent Heart

My silent heart, it only beats for you.
Stilled in your absence and as cold as ice,
Ever since it has been split into two.
There is no way of stitching this splice.

No way of forgetting, no way to not miss.
You have stolen my soul and torn it up.
I float through, without you I am listless.
How can you move on, but for me it never stops?

But you, you smile broadly and laugh loudly.
You your day goes on like I never existed.
I am not the one to make you happy.
A new one takes up that place in your head.

My absence does not alter your life.
My presence had no meaning in it.