I Hate Mondays

The radio plays softly in the background, drowned out by the sound of the shower. ‘Time for the 8 o’clock weather on 92.9. There’s a big storm coming today so please be careful on the roads today or avoid them all together. Stay indoors if you can and make sure loose garden furniture is secured. More news and weather in 15 minutes on 92.9.’

My phone buzzed just as I got out of the shower. I look out of the window as I walk past. It’s miserable today. Dark clouds hover in the sky and they threatened to rain at any moment. I’m cold to the bone already and my breath condensed in front of my face. I clutched my towel and checked my phone. God its freezing! Important: Transperth regrets to inform you that due to the weather services on the Joondalup line between Leederville Stn and Perth Underground Stn will be delayed/interrupted. Replacement buses will be available between Leederville Stn and Wellington St Bus Stn. We are sorry for the inconvenience. ‘Typical.’ I say out loud. The day my car is being serviced the trains aren’t running on time. Urgh. Just my luck. I fucking hate Mondays. Crap. I need to get dressed.

I do everything at double speed and manage to leave the house on time. I don’t look too bad either, if I do say so myself. Half way down the road it starts to rain. Great. I really hate Mondays. By the time I trudge through the muddy park to the bus stop, I’m completely soaked and shivering. At least there’s shelter. I check my phone. Just in time. Beep, beep! Beep, beep!  I get another alert. We regret to inform you that all Northern Route bus services will be delayed due to the weather. We are sorry for any inconvenience. I throw back my head a sigh. The shelter didn’t do much for the rain

By now my ears and the tip of my nose is starting to tingle. I check Facebook and every second update is about the storm. Boring. I decide to listen to music. Jay-Z comes on. Sweet! I turn it up. The bus arrives 20 minutes later and I get on. Creepy bald man is staring at me. Ew gross. There are no seats so I have to stand and progress is painfully slow. Traffic is creeping forward but not by much. We may as well be in a bloody parking lot. Sigh. My legs hurt.

I can see the station now. Thank god. School children and business men are milling around the crowded platform. Looks like I’m not going to get a seat on the train either. This is turning out to be a long morning. A lady with her baby drops her bag, stuff spilling everywhere. The baby is wailing and a young man helps her pick up her stuff. I check the clock on my phone. I’m late. Crap. I’m dreading being squished on the train. The bus finally stops and lets us off. A woman with a megaphone is walking around the platform. ‘Train services between this station and Perth Underground Station have been cancelled. Replacement buses will arrive shortly. If possible please make alternative arrangements. Thank you for your patience.’ Fucking great. Megaphone ladies repeated this again. Did I mention I hate Mondays?



Lonesome moon looks down

From the sky her sorrow weeps.

Trickster has stolen

Her wolverine from her side

In the midnight black he howls

Silent Heart

My silent heart, it only beats for you.
Stilled in your absence and as cold as ice,
Ever since it has been split into two.
There is no way of stitching this splice.

No way of forgetting, no way to not miss.
You have stolen my soul and torn it up.
I float through, without you I am listless.
How can you move on, but for me it never stops?

But you, you smile broadly and laugh loudly.
You your day goes on like I never existed.
I am not the one to make you happy.
A new one takes up that place in your head.

My absence does not alter your life.
My presence had no meaning in it.